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Lithuanian iDenfy and Dutch SCOPE join forces to enhance fintech security through AI-powered ID verification

iDenfy, a Kaunas-based identity verification and fraud prevention company, has partnered with SCOPE FinTech Solutions, a Netherlands-based business specializing in fintech SAAS solutions, to...

Northstack’s 2023 Funding Report reveals advances in gender diversity and strong foreign participation in Iceland

In 2023, Iceland's startup ecosystem underwent a notable transformation following the previous year's surge in venture capital activity. Despite a global slowdown in venture...

Denmark to house the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer in collaboration with NVIDIA

Denmark is poised to become a global hub for AI innovation with the establishment of a national center in collaboration with NVIDIA, housing one...

Estonia’s eAgronom partners with Gardskapital to advance regenerative agriculture in Sweden

Tallinn-based climatetech company eAgronom has joined forces with Gardskapital, a Stockholm-based alternative lending firm, to spearhead the adoption of regenerative farming practices among Swedish...

Maria 01 Impact Report unveils €1 billion in revenue and a surge of startups in 2023

Nordic startup hub Maria 01 has evolved into an even more nurturing nest for startups. According to their recent impact report, the community housed...


Estonian Supersimple raises $2.2 million to expand accessible data analytics platform

Supersimple, a Tallinn-based data platform aimed at enabling users to answer complex ad-hoc questions with zero code, has announced $2.2 million in funding from...

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