Great Start brings Israeli SNS to Scandinavia

    Great Start, a new company aimed at finding investment capital and projects in Scandinavia for SNS (Social Networking Services) providers, is showcasing their first set of Israeli SNS start-ups in Finland and Sweden in late October. In effect, Great start aims to provide resources, develop and market innovative social technologies. The company seems to also have a strong focus on Israeli start-ups.

    Based on the set of names on the website Great Start seems to be more of a loose collaboration of connected individuals, than a full blown company, at least for the moment. Everybody except perhaps Björn Hammar, the founder of Great Start, seem to be working full time in some other company.

    The first Israeli start-up Great Start is showcasing will be Sightix (see Mashable on Sightix here). Without going into the merits of Sightix or Great Start itself, it’s great to see another effort the bridge the gap between Finland and Israel and bring the two start-up scenes closer together.

    Disclosure: I work at Nordkapp, which is one of the Great Start partners.