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Building communities with uncapped opportunities.

Great societies are built through working together, which is also what separates us from the animal kingdom – intelligent collaboration. This is what we aim to achieve at ArcticStartup – unity through collaboration, and hence unlimited access to opportunities for everyone we work with. We want to encourage entrepreneurship that changes the world and makes it a better place for future generations. We support businesses that have meaning and entrepreneurs that bush boundaries of what they’d thought possible.

Your Workplace, an Environment for Connection and Growth.

At ArcticStartup, we believe in communities, creativity and collaboration. We choose personal approach to team happiness, and build an environment where people love to come to work. Work is our second home. This is a place where we create, learn, grow, laugh, win, share ideas, succeed and develop. We are not a place where you “have to go to” to do your job. We want to create a community of smart individuals, friends, that want to help make the world a better place through their activities. This is a place where anyone should be able to follow and achieve their dreams. In practice, that means that we support our employees to pursue their dreams, start companies with our help, test ideas and a lot more.

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