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Are you ready for matchmaking at Arctic15 Helsinki? DEAL ROOM is getting crowded

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You came up with the idea. You perfected your business plan. You had your pitch deck with you and knocked a couple of doors to take your chances. However, you couldn’t find sources enough to fund your innovative project. You come to the sense that it is going to be hard to reach people to talk about how your idea will make a difference in the future. You are in the middle of a crowded place full of ideas and investors cannot see you even a little. You have to find a place where you can be in the spotlight.

Or maybe you are the one who’s looking for a well-structured, inspiring, and game-charger idea to help it to be built. But searching the one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. They are out there, and you know it. Maybe because the crowd blinds you, you cannot single them out.

It is impossible not to worry about how many good projects die of the lack of networking simply because they cannot reach the sources to live long and prosper. You always need to be at the right place at the right time. Yet, how can you do it? Well, that’s exactly what we do! We are giving you the right place and the right time. Pack your things and be ready to get yourself a deal. Because Deal Room is at your service now! 

What Deal Room offers you

Well, Deal Room is a magic place. There is something different about it. You cannot name it, but it is there. You’ll sense it once you get there. Now, you get access to the matchmaking platform, set up your profile, and start searching. The Deal Room will stay open at dead of the night of June 8, 2022. Register now!

During the events, over 5000 one-to-one meetings have been made and even though they did not come to a decision, they have kept in touch with each other. 48.5% of attendees made 5 to 10 meaningful connections and 40.7% of attendees closed a deal originating from Arctic15. That means even after the events, you may get a deal. Once you connect people, it is for eternity, we may say. You will meet people all over the world and the stage will be yours. Give your best shot! Without any disturbance, you can make a name for your business.

Here are the perks of registering to the Deal Room:

  • Get down for 20 minute-long in-person meetings
  • Pre-book meetings with the one you are interested in most
  • Receive feedback from your future investors
  • Find the one that will benefit the most to your business
  • Get some privacy to prevent any distraction that would drain your time and energy
  • Send as many invites as you need. Don’t wait for invites to come to you! Make sure you don’t miss any spot on your agenda. You can meet them over lunch too if they are willing to do so.
  • Tech! Tech! Tech! You have an online tool to monitor your meetings. The tool will notify you before your meetings and you can also use it to check the event program. This way, you will not miss a single thing. Deal Room sends SMS, e-mail and push notifications to remind you of your 1-on-1 meetings, registrations to workshops, stage sessions, roundtables and more.

Deal Room

  • You can register for the Deal Room from May 27 to June 8. 

Take the lead in change

It must be hard to run after good deals to close. You have been making a highly noticeable effort but still, you learn about a refreshing idea only after it is discovered by someone else. You may want to be the one who discovers a hidden gem and be the first supporter of a great project. Deal Room is a perfect opportunity to be the first listener to the introduction of a great story. Book your meetings and be all ears to what’s new. Maybe you will lead the next one!

You are a startup. Be daring! Look alive!

You have something that no one has: a brand-new idea. Now you find a place, the Deal Room, to meet the right people. You can get together with the investors and let them know what change you will bring to the world. Then you are good to go!

Deal Room

Just telling is not enough!

Be whether a startup or an investor, just telling does not make much effect on the other side of the table. While showcasing your product or your service, you need to make sure they get the picture. Even though how great you are on your job in the telling, you should introduce your business model and your strategy on a piece of paper (Okay, this place is techy! A screen works too!). Be prepared!

Be the first one to get there!

Yes, Arctic15 Helsinki gives full of two weeks to schedule your meetings, but the clock is ticking. None waits until the last minute. The thing is early bird gets the worm. You should take action before everyone is fully booked. Most people show appearance at the very beginning to catch a good deal. The best slots are filling up fast. No time to waste since it is limited during the event. Register now!

Do not forget that success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone. Go and get it!

If you registered already, good job! Check your inbox if you get the instructions.

Register for the Deal Room ->

Buy ticket for Arctic15 Helsinki 2022 Startup Conference->

Learn more about matchmaking process.

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