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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tonic21 will bring you the Slush of Taste and Tech

Tonic21, the biggest traditional gathering of food startuppers along the Slush event next week is back. Let’s have a look at what we have created around this year’s theme – Trends in taste and tech.


Oda will first take Helsinki, and then they will take Berlin

The Norwegian online groceries startup Kolonial.no raised some 220M EUR last spring, changed their name to Oda and announced that they will establish their presence first in Finland, followed by Germany.

CEO and co-founder Karl Munthe-Kaas will join Jan Ameri, CEO of ArcticStartup in a fireside chat to discuss the expansion of Oda. This will be a rare opportunity to hear it straight from the top, since Oda normally has their local leaders appearing in the media. 

Sweden going all in with food

This year Tonic will have a strong representation from Sweden. City of Stockholm will bring CEO Staffan Ingvarsson from Stockholm Business Region, Anna Gissler from Invest Stockholm. Sweden FoodTech founder Johan Jörgensen will bring his team to the event and the Swedish venture arm of Finnish Paulig, PINC, led by Marika King, enters the venue with their powerful team. Expect the launch of Stockholm Foodtech Report, panel discussion about Good Food City and the latest trends from the Swedish perspective.

Inside the new Noma kitchen

If you have been to Tonic before or follow top chefs, you have heard about Toni Toivanen, hailing from the kitchen of Noma in Copenhagen or Inua in Tokyo.

Toni is now back in Europe, and will be opening up some of the secrets from the kitchen of new Noma, the restaurant that received three Michelin stars and took the first position in the Top 50 restaurants list right after the re-opening. 

Candy revolution

“Liquorice is more than just a candy,” says Timo Nisula, the owner of Kouvolan Lakritsi, one of the most popular liquorice companies around. But according to Timo, there is much more than that in the future of liquorice. Timo will be sharing the future of their company, and since they are known for their brave and experimental activities, it will surely be something you did not expect.

Wolt retrospective

Elias Aalto, one of the co-founders of Wolt and nowadays an advisor to the company, is joining Jan Ameri along the fireside. What’s cooking in that front, remains to be seen and heard.

Food startups you did not hear about yet

Tonic has managed to gather a list of interesting startups to pitch or showcase their story. The names of the pitching startups are not announced before the event, but the organizers are promising new companies and new products. Showcasing we will see Andy Chen from WeOrder, Milla Westerling from Green Planet Astronauts and Ben Holden from WhyWaste 

Investment opportunities

Over 50 investors from angels to global VCs are expected at the event, some of these investors will be getting on stage either to do a keynote or join in a panel discussion. Just a few names to mention, Yoran Meijers from Anterra Capital, Lauri Reuter from Nordic Foodtech VC, Maija Itkonen, Alexandra Malmberg, Juha-Petteri Kukkonen and Henrik Poulsen.

Tonic21 has also partnered with Deal Room Events, and their platform will be used for networking and matchmaking so the attendees can pre-book one-to-one meetings with each other.

The event is already fully booked, and thanks to the support from event partners Pinc, Kouvolan Lakritsi, City of Stockholm, VTT, WhyWaste, Fort Deli, Deal Room Events, Founder Institute Food Ecosystems Accelerator, Sweden FoodTech and Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, it is open for public and free to attend.

Tonic21 – Trends in Taste and Tech, on November 30th, 2021 from 9AM to 5PM at Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki. Event is sold out, see the program and join the waiting list HERE.

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