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Sweden’s Gympak appoints Krister Azelius as chairman, and accelerates international expansion

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Gympak, a Helsingborg-based clothing and tech company, has appointed lawyer Krister Azelius as its new chairman of the board to facilitate its international launch, which is ahead of schedule. The company, known for its innovative products for travelers and businesses, has received significant interest from Nordic hotels and businesses, leading to higher-than-expected orders. Azelius, with a background in corporate law, brings valuable experience to Gympak. The company has recently relocated to Helsingborg and is planning to expand globally. Azelius and CEO Jone Sølvik, who has a longstanding professional relationship with Azelius, are both increasing their investments in Gympak, demonstrating confidence in its future growth.

GYMPAK specializes in providing convenient and innovative solutions for hotels, gyms, sports clubs, and companies with a large workforce, focusing on enhancing convenience, service, health, and exercise opportunities for their customers and employees. Their range of products is designed to meet the needs of these industries, aiming to encourage more people to start exercising and adopt healthier lifestyles. With a vision to become a long-term partner for their customers in activating their guests, employees, supporters, and members, Gympak aims to create value by adapting their products to meet the specific needs of each customer. As a Swedish company with a global scope, Gympak offers solutions tailored to different industries and is committed to making exercise easily accessible and enjoyable.

Hotels and businesses in the Nordic region have welcomed Gympak’s entry with great enthusiasm, placing orders much higher than estimated. Interest in the company’s unique and innovative products and services has come from hotels and businesses of all sizes, and Gympak has already signed agreements with a large number of customers. Now, the company is embarking on a journey to welcome customers outside the Nordic region.

A few months ago, Gympak announced its relocation to Helsingborg. Now, the company releases the news that Krister Azelius has accepted the position of chairman.

“I have no prior experience with what Gympak offers, but I immediately understood they fill a significant gap and will be able to make a big difference for travelers and employees in companies,” says Krister Azelius, who assumes his role at Gympak immediately.

Krister Azelius has been a lawyer at the law firm Vinge for over 30 years and has extensive experience in the corporate and association world, including positions at Helsingborgs IF and Inyett, among many others listed on his CV.

“Every week, I’m on the road. Finding space for workout clothes is a big challenge, not just for me but for all business travelers,” Krister points out.

The company’s former chairman, Tobias Lindberg, continues as a member of Gympaks board and welcomes Krister from Helsingborg, Sweden, with great enthusiasm.

“To already have such a profile on board is a privilege. We’ll face many exciting opportunities, and perhaps as early as this autumn, we’ll welcome new capital through a new share issue to scale up and go global,” says Tobias. “When we’ve had such a good start, it’s important to accelerate, but at the same time, maintain control. Krister fits into that very well. And a significant bonus is that Krister and our CEO Jone Sølvik have known each other professionally for 20 years and have had exciting successes together.”

At the same time, Krister Azelius chooses to invest in the company, and Jone Sølvik chooses to increase his stake.

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