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Thursday, June 30, 2022

RunToShop beta is live

RunToShop beta is live for public (Only in Finnish at this stage). Earlier on the site opened briefly for a group of about 200 alpha users that were able to play with the functionality, give feedback and help the team find bugs in the service. Now the public test beta is open to everybody. Below Taneli Tikka, RunToShop CEO, gives me a run down on the idea and their strategy on fast growth:

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As you see in this video taken just before I wrote my previous post on the start-up, Taneli actually explaines that the site was only an early demo at the time and NOT an actual beta yet, which I failed to acknowle in my blog post. I hope to do more justice to the service and the guys working hard on it in the future. Moreover, we want to give big credit for everybody at RunToShop for taking the bold move of testing things out very publicly very early in the game.

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