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Zokem Partners With Danish Research Firm Wilke, Expands To UK And USA

Zokem, the market leader in mobile analytics, has taken a step further to expand into the Nordics, UK and US. The company has recently announced a partnership with the Denmark’s leading market research company Wilke. As part of the agreement, Wilke would run a research panel among 1000 smartphone users utilizing Zokem’s on-device solutions. Let us remind you that Zokem’s software monitors and measures virtually all aspects of mobile phone use. Wilke is a well-established player in the field and it has operations in other Nordic countries, which brings Zokem’s analytics to a whole new level.

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On top of that, Zokem announced opening new offices in New York and London. According to Meri Kupiainen, CMO, most of Zokem’s users come from those markets and being close to their customers is very important when growing and establishing the company’s operations.

Zokem’s business comes from gathering valuable information about phone usage and sell those insights onwards to interested parties. The kind of information gathered includes everything from app use to geolocation to communication patterns to camera use. To obtain that information Zokem partners with relevant organizations and runs research panels in most global markets.

The panels are run by picking a selected representative group of participants, who are offered monetary incentives and valuable prizes like smartphones to participate in the panel. The findings interpret and predict mobile usage trends and patterns in different markets for the benefit of other industries. That kind of data is rare and extremely useful, so Zokem’s value proposition is quite significant.

Zokem has been expanding far and wide. Europe has been its prime market but establishing themselves in the North American market can make Zokem a truly global leader in mobile use analytics. Company’s panel reports have already been widely used by internationally respected publications like The New York Times, CNNMoney, Cnet News, ReadWriteMobile, IntoMobile and Slashgear.

Expanding to new markets is one of Zokem’s biggest priorities at the moment. Meri Kupiainen also hinted that the company is working on Mobile Footprint – an app that would help users analyze their own mobile phone use. We might also see a cooperation between Zokem and Angry Birds in the future, though the what, when and how of that partnership have not been disclosed yet.

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