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Estonian Development Fund Keen At Exploring Business Opportunities In India

Estonian Development FundHow or why do you expand into new markets? There is one simple word that justifies all this; opportunities. Emerging markets might have the uncertainty of ensuring a successful startup or a business venture but they have all the room for growth over time. India, for example has become one of the fastest growing economies and in my opinion a hub to be of all innovation. Guess this is exactly what has been identified by the Estonian Development Fund when they announced a call upon entrepreneurs, universities and investors to explore business opportunities in the worlds second most populous country.

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The Estonian Development Fund and the Embassy of India in Helsinki initiated a background study that would highlight business opportunities in the country. This would also include laying the foundations of a contact network that would help facilitate cooperation between both the public and private sectors of the two countries.

While the opportunities can be countless it is quite obvious that information on the existence of opportunities is quite fragmented, something which is obviously not beneficial for entrepreneurs looking forward to test newer markets.

What I think here is that such a bridge between the two countries encourages the growth of businesses, primarily. With this link in place, Estonia will have the right tool to gain expertise far more quickly and effectively about the Asian economies and this is by all means a long term strategy.

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