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Utopic Lets You See What's Trending Amongst Your Friends

UtopicI know who to follow religiously when it comes to getting the latest news, a really nice video or an upcoming event on the web. But often it gets a bit monotonous as the same person usually ends up giving the same bit of news. Likewise, following all your friends’ recommendation (individually) is a near impossible task and thus we rely on services that help us filter the most happening stuff from the plethora of friends we all have on numerous social networks and forums. Utopic is one such service emerging in the startup scene to help you with finding the hottest topics among your circle of friends.

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How exactly? Leveraging the social networks that’s the simplest answer one can give. It isn’t limited to just technology news or similar stories. Utopic acts pretty much like the trending topics you have on Twitter where the service displays what’s trending on the network in real time. While trending topics are for Twitter alone, Utopic brings all the latest and hottest topics from all social networks you are a part of and all topics are from what your friends prefer reading or having a look at. Think of it, do you really care of the world is interested in Justin Bieber when all you are interested in are your friends talking about the release of the iPad 2? Utopic can be a time saver.

The startup is pretty new and as of present works with Facebook alone and can be accessed on your smartphone as well. It will be interesting to see how this fares in the long run and actually does leverage the existing social networks to its maximum benefit.

The startup comes from the same folks behind Talentag whom we have talked about at ArcticStartup. Utopic becomes the third project operating under Talentag the other two include Talentag.com and Emp.ly.

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