Google To Release In App Payments In May 2011

    Social Gold GoogleIn App payments seem to be catching the flare off late. While we have seen its implementation on certain apps but Google seems to be finally taking steps to initiate web based in-app-payments. This is great of course for developers on the Android platform, but will also enable better apps for consumers over time as capitalisation isn’t a problem anymore.

    The news broke last week when Jambool sent out an email to its members regarding the shutting down of its virtual currency platform; Social Gold. This happens so because Google had acquired the same back in 2010 and had got people anticipating when exactly in app payments for Android be a permanent feature for app payments.

    The email sent out makes the news concrete and with the discontinuation of Social Gold, we will finally be seeing the Web based in app payment being implemented at Google. The email stated:

    First, the existing Jambool Social Gold product will be discontinued in favor of a new Google in-app payment product in May 2011. Rest assured that you will be able to sign in to the Jambool merchant console through September 2011, and you will receive year-end financial statements in February 2012.

    Again the idea to discontinue the initial service in favor of a more Google centric product is not new as we have seen this happening with many acquisitions by Google. The in app payment method goes live in May but don’t expect it to be a full fledged, feature loaded service like Social Gold initially. In case you are a developer and are keep at having a go with beta you can register here for the same.