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Denmark And Sweden To Replace Stamps With Text Messages

If you can pay your bills via mobile phones why not stamps? Looks as if this is going to see implementation both in Denmark and in Sweden, beginning with Denmark in April.

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The system would work by letting users pay for the postage via a text message using their mobile phones instead of stamps. With the message sent and payment made, users receive a code that they can write on the letter or the envelope, which then serves as a proof that the payment has been made. While this is coming to Denmark in April, Anders Åsberg, heard of marketing and development with Swedish postal service stated for TheLocal.se that Sweden isn’t seeing this any time before the summers.

It is obvious seeing the introduction of this method of payment, that sending letters is still very active and that it isn’t dying anytime soon. There are of course issues associated to forgery but I think the risks are quite similar to what can be encountered using traditional stamps hence the same level of checks would be involved to ensure forgery. On the other hand, users will be able to take advantage of this method to send letters and parcels that are less than 2 kilogram in weight.

The new method should ease the task of sending letters at large but if you are worried about increased payments, don’t be as the Swedish authorities have no plans on raising the price on the postage service.

Image by Judy Van Der Velden.

Via Intomobile.

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