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Lithuanian iDenfy partners with Australian Liquid Noble to enhance security and compliance in digital asset industry

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Kaunas-based regtech company iDenfy has partnered with Liquid Noble. iDenfy provides advanced ID verification and fraud prevention solutions while Liquid Noble offers digital currencies backed by precious metals through gold tokenization. This collaboration aims to enhance security and compliance measures within the digital asset industry by integrating iDenfy’s KYC solution into Liquid Noble’s platform. This partnership will ensure that only verified customers can access Liquid Noble’s services, protecting against fraud and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

iDenfy specializes in providing ID verification and fraud prevention solutions. Their services are designed to help businesses verify the identities of their customers securely and efficiently, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. iDenfy offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, a wide-ranging document database, and advanced technologies such as 3D liveness detection for enhanced security. Their solutions are used across various industries to combat fraud and ensure the authenticity of users.

Liquid Noble offers a groundbreaking solution by providing digital currencies backed by precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These digital currencies are linked to ownership certificates securely stored on the BSV blockchain, which is known for its environmentally friendly and robust solution for various enterprise-grade applications. After partnering with Tokenized, a smart all-in-one tokenization solution for institutions, Liquid Noble enables clients to purchase a portion of its precious metals reserve, stored free of storage fees in their digital wallets.

With Liquid Noble, users have the flexibility to keep, sell, transact in, or take physical delivery of their tokenized precious metals. With precious metals reserved in Australia, managed and stored by trusted vaulting partners, the platform constantly searches for new ways to ensure the authenticity and security of its offerings. However, despite the benefits of digital innovation, the need for stringent identity verification and regulatory compliance checks cannot be bypassed.

iDenfy’s team agrees with this approach, explaining that security starts with the onboarding process and ends with proper monitoring practices at a minimum. That’s because unrecognized buyers pose a significant risk to a digital platform’s integrity and security, potentially causing financial losses for both the company and its clients.

So, to ensure the security and integrity of its transactions while staying ahead of regulatory requirements, iDenfy was chosen as the preferred identity verification provider due to its comprehensive and user-friendly interface, comprehensive document database, and recognition in the Know Your Customer (KYC) industry. As a forward-thinking precious metal provider, Liquid Noble prioritizes establishing partnerships with reputable companies that share its commitment to integrity and transparency.

With iDenfy’s advanced ID verification software, powered by 3D liveness detection, Liquid Noble is able to combat digital asset fraud and ensure the authenticity of its users. This fully automated system ensures services are provided only to verified customers, automating critical compliance processes. iDenfy’s AML screening tool, including PEP and sanctions checks, is endorsed by international banks and Interpol. Liquid Noble also implemented iDenfy’s proof of address verification to automate compliance processes and enhance security for both the company and its clients.

It’s worth mentioning that both companies offer 24/7 customer support and were founded by entrepreneurs in the SaaS business. This mutual advantage ensures that both companies understand the importance of security and delivering value to clients. By leveraging iDenfy’s cutting-edge technology, Liquid Noble ensures that its services are provided only to verified and legitimate customers, thereby safeguarding both the company and its clients.

Dan Dragon, CEO of Liquid Noble, emphasized, “Our mission at Liquid Noble is to make investing in precious metals accessible to everyone while offering a secure and transparent platform for investors. With iDenfy’s ID Verification, AML Screening, and Address Verification tools, we can guarantee that our platform is secured against all fraudulent activities.”

Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy, commented, “Our partnership with Liquid Noble demonstrates our commitment to enhancing security and compliance in the digital asset industry. Together, we’re strengthening KYC/AML compliance with automated tools and protecting investors against fraud.”

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