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The countdown for Arctic15, the Nordic & Baltic regions’ most efficient event has begun!

Arctic15 is finally coming back to its face-to-face gatherings. This year’s event will be held in person for the first time since 2019. It is high time to save your spot. Because tickets for the event now are on sale. This is an official invite for you to join Arctic15 in Helsinki on June 7 and 8.


Arctic15 is gathering around in Helsinki, in person

One of the keys to success is lying behind the quality of your business relationships. It can be sometimes hard to find a good match that meets your standards. To solve that problem, you just need an elegant place to make deals with those who their business efficiently and hold the possibility to share the same principles. Arctic15 events are designed for that purpose. It is the most elegant start-up-investor matchmaking event in the Nordics & Baltics regions. If you find a way to make new deals related to business, the best place to do it is the event zone.

Click here to see the speakers at Arctic15 Helsinki 2022

You do not have to be alone along the way of your business. Getting in touch with people can help you expand and get stronger in the long run. Arctic15 events create an opportunity for you to find the one. The one can share the same values with you. This simply brings a “less stress, more fun” attitude to your business. What Arctic15 events provide you here is the awareness and emphasis on the importance of how sharing the same values can turn into a good profit for both sides. The work does not have to be boring at all. One can meet an individual or an organization that has the same mindset as theirs.

Let’s talk numbers!

Arctic15 is open for startup entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, and media from over 60 countries. Even though this is the first gathering for a long time, there have been over 5000 one-to-one meetings this far. The event has gained more than 60 countries’ attention. The two-day event individually scores over 1500 attendees and more than 75 speakers. Plus, it holds %48.5 hit ratio regarding meaningful connections. Arctic15 meetings have already helped %40.7 of attendees get a deal.


If you are new to Arctic15 and the start-up concept in general, you can ask for guidance. The team can help you get ready for your future investors. You can also find the document on the Arctic15 official website to explore the answers to the most popular questions for startup founders. You can navigate them easily since they are set in groups.  The document can be the guide to clear the path towards one of your milestones in business! Once you go through the document, you are ready to take action and raise money faster!

Work as a volunteer for Arctic15


Are you too excited? Do you feel like you need to be part of this glamorous event? Arctic15 team welcomes all who want to help them. You can join the Volunteer Programme to train for the event. The program includes many workshops, gatherings, and different activities all year round. There is a need for many parts such as stage, lounge, etc. You can work as a volunteer and savour your time there at the same time. It could be good for you to use as a reference for your future applications in many fields. Last but not least benefit to be a volunteer for Arctic15 is to get delicious food, a volunteer t-shirt, and finally access to an afterparty.

Don’t wait too long to get a ticket for Arctic15 Helsinki 2022.

Click here to read more on Arctic15.

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