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Startup Wise Guys alumnus Workee secured $600K in the latest pre-seed funding round

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Workee has raised $600K for its client management software. Now, the company is ready to expand new lands to make freelancers’ online business efficient. Led by Lighthouse Ventures. the funding round can be good support for their first step to enhance the tools to manage businesses among many freelancers in any field.

The platform provides them an in-built CRM to build and grow client relations with the front- and back-end management support. The funding round includes BRISE Capital, Startup Wise Guys, and with the participation of the founder of Geek Ventures Ihar Mahaniok, former engineering lead for Google, Facebook, and WeWork.


All-in-one client management software

Co-founded by Ihor Bauman, Artem Kanaki, and Yevhen Kyselov, Workee is a management software built to lead the way for its confused professionals with an appointment-based work system. The target customers are those who don’t have the time or knowledge to create a management system on their own.

Workee focuses on some tools to help its customers create their website in no time. Thus, they can easily arrange the client tracking, workflow, and anything related to the finance of their business. Since launching in 2021, Workee has reached 3000 sign-ups.


“We aim to establish our presence as the default back-office software to make working online easy. To deliver the simplest way to run a freelance business online, we design sophisticated systems that focus on functionality and connectivity with other external tools for optimization of workflows and promotion to reach larger audiences,” said Workee CEO Ihor Bauman.

The company headquarters is in Delaware, U.S. However, it has also an R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine, and branches in Lithuania and Czech Republic. Startup Wise Guys’ SaaS-focused acceleration program in Vilnius was mentored during the early stages of Workee. In addition, Workee has many advisers including Andrew Bourne, a technology executive having launched and commercialized over 50 SaaS products.

The investments are for saving time again

Around the world, approximately 1,2 billion people are working as freelancers. One-third of the global workforce is devoting their time and money to achieve an efficient workplace or a smoothly running business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been also affected the way how we work, and many investors put their money on the ideas and creations with the best results. Now, the investments in Workee’s time-saviour may draw attention to the growth of the freelance workforce and their needs, along the traditional way to run a business. Their workforce contributes a remarkable amount of money to the economy.

“As the gig economy is booming worldwide, business management platforms are raising large funds. The Workee team has an impressive ability to execute, showing high commitment and pace in building an essential product for a growing industry,” said Michal Zalesak, Managing Partner of the lead investor Lighthouse Ventures.

The investors have reached the idea of how inevitable to see the need of those essential contributors. The companies must feed their needs and lighten the burdens on their shoulders since companies increasingly rely on freelancers. It seems it is not that surprising to observe the relatively faster growth in the freelance workforce than the traditional one.

There are specific aspects of small businesses to bring the attention of the industry competitors. Workee’s unique touch here is to provide a full package for their clients to facilitate freelance workflow. The company builds websites for their customers with full customization offering almost everything they would need on the way. The funding may escalate the temperature of the competition and upset the balance a little. The company’s plan for 2022 is to triple the team and provide good support for the platform’s active user base which is heading towards 50,000.

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