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Marketplace STHLM announced the cooperation with Almi to offer more for the benefit of women entrepreneurs

Marketplace STHLM and Almi have decided to work together to help start-up companies under the realm of women. The deal is to provide them with some services so they can survive the first year of their business. The startup hub boosts women in an early business stage, mainly foreign ones. The goal of the marketplace is to promote a more embracive society and entrepreneurial environment in Sweden.

Marketplace STHLM

“With our focus on supporting companies through advice, corporate loans, and venture capital, it feels incredibly valuable to work with Marketplace to reach even more companies with the potential to develop” – Mikael Ramnö, Almi Stockholm Sörmland.

Marketplace STHLM and Almi’s solidarity to accelerate women power in business

Founded in Stockholm, Marketplace STHLM is a start-up hub built to lend a helping hand to women in business, especially those who are new and clueless. The marketplace aims to provide services to help them run their companies successfully, which may encourage more women to take action.

Marketplace STHLM

“After spending most of my life believing that I had to put aside my needs to take care of others, I finally realized that I do not have to choose between having self-esteem and compassion for others.” –  Bashar Yousif, the Initiator and Co-founder of STHLM.

Almi works with many companies and businesses if it sees potential in them. Their focus is not just on start-ups. They are working with established ones as well. Yet, this might be good for young-in-biz entrepreneurs. Because they can benefit from Almi even after they grow.  With the collaboration with STHLM, Almi ensures that they are investing in a start-up backed by the guidance of professionals.

This isn’t just a “women’s issue”

Swedish Ambassador for Gender Equality, Sofia Calltorp has drawn attention to the feminist foreign policy following the footsteps of Canada, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Mexico, and finally Germany. With the pandemic effect, the issue of gender equality is still bouncing back.     Marketplace STHLM

“Sweden has organized its feminist foreign policy around three Rs: rights, representation, and resources. […] Today, about 85 percent of Swedish bilateral development aid is gender-mainstreamed or has gender equality as the main objective.” says Sofia Calltorp, Ambassador for Gender Equality and Coordinator of the Feminist Foreign Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden.

Calltrop points out the progress over the past years’ effect on gender equality under her administration. There is still a need to work on the matter, but the statistics show that this is going well, as to the ambassador. She underlines that the feminist foreign policy has a side regarding the possible changes in the grand scheme of things, and society based on academic facts.

According to Sofia Calltrop, “Sweden supports umbrella organizations for women’s rights groups that can offer support and protection to women human rights defenders worldwide. We have pushed for women’s economic empowerment as it is critical to gender equality. Sweden is currently co-leading an Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights within the UN initiative Generation Equality. In this coalition, we have committed to working to strengthen women’s economic empowerment over five years.”

What is this collaboration saying?

Marketplace STHLM

To take the first step is the hardest thing to do, you might say. Yet, there could be many bumps on the road you would like to dodge. This collaboration says a new entrepreneur is not just taking money to manoeuvre the apostle but also receiving a fine mentorship from those who know what they are doing. STHLM and Almi, together, give them opportunities to sign up for workshops and seminars instead of just handing a significant amount of money.

The marketplace creates a space for start-up companies to enhance the knowledge and skills that require to accomplish in business life. The first year of an enterprise is relatively challenging. If an individual does not have enough savings until things run smoothly, it might get ugly. To ask for guidance is always good for any matter. There are many entrepreneurship programs or start-up-specific social accelerators.

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