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Thursday, May 19, 2022

ArcticStartup proudly presents: Arctic15 Helsinki 2022 Speakers

We are incredibly fired up about our upcoming events. Arctic15 Helsinki 2022 will be, as you all know, face-to-face and we are looking forward to getting together with you again in that atmosphere. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, we are offering a %5 discount until May 25th!

With the magic touches of our event manager, the event will offer much more fascinating experiences than ever before. Delicious meals, outstanding details that will make you smile, after-parties and more… Those are going to be the kind that will take away the tiredness of the whole year.

Above all, we do not forget why we are coming together in Arctic15 Helsinki 2022: BUSINESS!

Arctic15 events, where ArcticStartup brings together investors and entrepreneurs every year, are in shape this year as well with the indispensable principles. This year’s speakers also seem to open new windows for all of us.

Here are the gems of the Arctic15 Helsinki 2022 Event:

There will be more of it. Stay tuned!

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Nurcin Metingil
Nurcin Metingil
A permanent student, a passionate first reader and nowadays doing master’s degree in Publishing Management. Beside these, I am up for games! I have been playing games since I was 6. Now, I am whispering "Business. Business. Numbers. Is this working?"

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