Share Your Ideas On Liilak

    There are tons of great ideas out there, but it’s hard to find them if you don’t ask. The Oulu, Finland based startup, Liilak, defines itself as a “social ideation service,” and it seeks to let users build off on another’s ideas, or answer sponsored idea questions submitted by businesses or organizations. The result is a stream of ideas and a much more beneficial way to spend your time than complaining about your waiter on Facebook.

    In the Shoutbox, or the open idea part of the service, it prompts you for an idea within three categories: a product or service, place or local business, or enterprise or organization. Once you have chosen one, it sets you up with a ___ would be better if ________ style prompt, with the “would be better if” always thrown in the middle. Like Twitter, its hook is with it’s limitations and it forces you to think of something better to include.

    Liilak also has idea challenges sponsored by groups and services. For example, there’s a question challenge for Mobile Monday and intoloop, and even the Duudsonit have a question you can generate ideas for.

    To sum it up, CEO Jarkko Jokirinta says “Liilak is designed to be a fun place to be at. We can exchange ideas with the creators of things we like to get them even better. And what’s really nice, we can do it in interaction with your friends or perfect strangers. It doesn’t really matter. Now, just because we’re connected through liking the same stuff, we can really start inventing something fresh and beneficial together.”