Shootitlive Instantly Gets Photos From The Field To News Websites

Shootitlive is a small change to your content management system that has big implications for online publishers. The Swedish startup is intended for news websites where on-the-field photographers can publish photos and video clips of current events live as they unfold, from any location with 3G coverage.  The company was founded in 2008 by Eivind Vogel-Rödin and Martin Levy, and was created to solve a problem facing  photographers– after taking pictures you had to get out your laptop, upload photos, send them to your publisher, and maybe miss out on more action as you do so.

With Shootitlive, your wi-fi equipped camera connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi or 3G. The photographer can decide which photos and video clips to publish by a click of a button on the camera, no need for a computer. Within seconds, the photos and video clips are shown in the media player embedded on the website.

For uploading video, they have an iPhone app that helps you send the large files immediately to the website’s content.  The professional cameras that support video do not work well with 3G because of the large file size. The app lets you write captions, has good photo quality and awesome video quality.

They’ve already seen some traction in Northern Europe– Shootitlive is used by The Times, all the largest Swedish newspapers and tabloids, the Finnish tabloids, and many other publishers with an online presence. The Times even used it for its royal wedding coverage.

Shootitlive is another building block that’s making our world more instant, and it’s cool seeing the technology come out of Scandinavia. Lets see what else they have store for the future.