RentMama Your One Stop Online Car Rental Destination

    RentMama is focused on helping you find the right car for your convenience. While assisting users with car rentals, RentMama looks for big and small rental companies who have your specified car available. And it isn’t limited to cars in just one region– the big idea is to save travelers the few extra hours they spend searching for best deals on Google to find the best car rental deals during their visit. RentMama achieves this by bringing all car rental companies under one banner. Users benefit by having to visit one place to find the best deals.

    The idea is appealing to us, especially when we are to travel to new country and have problems finding an easy means of transport. The best part is that RentMama is more about travelers, ensuring that they are provided the best deals that they are really interested in.

    RentMama achieves this by focusing their service around you. For example you can mention the type of car you are looking forward to rent, specifying the dates of pickup and return and the country, city you wish to rent the car at. All this is like dealing with a car rental company in the real world, save that you get to rent or book your car before you actually land in a new city. You can also specify any special requirements that you might have before finalizing the booking. Makes me feel important as a user, as my needs are given a priority instead of a car rental company just showing me what they have to offer.

    The benefit here is that there are multiple car rental companies and private service providers registered who can view your request and offer you services.  And within 24 hours of submitting your inquiry, Rentmama will send you an email of the personalized offers submitted to you.

    Large and small companies can register themselves with RentMama. The startup currently has 184 companies and 48 private who have catered to around 850 requests at RentMama. So if you are one of those companies or individuals offering car rental service, you can register yourself to be included in the list of car rental providers.

    The registration procedure is pretty simple as you can specify

    • The country you offer car rental services in
    • The currency you charge clients in
    • Cities covered by your service
    • Contact information

    All these inputs registers you with RentMama, and if someone is visiting your country and looking for a car rental, you have a chance to provide them your services.

    RentMama is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, but started in Riga, Latvia.