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Kiosked Is Your Instant Point Of Purchase, Anywhere

KIOSKEDAnything you see can be yours, that’s what Kiosked believes in. The startup revolves around the concept of Web Wide Shop and has developed a secure sales and marketing platform, transforming all content online into a marketplace.

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If I were to sum Kiosked’s purpose up, I would simply say that it is Social Shopping experience coming to your online presence. And it is absolutely secure, why so? One can guess that from the number of sites that utilize this, exceeding 19,000,000. The concept is a definite success, especially for the fact that publishers and sellers know what exactly are customers visiting frequently and thus letting them know that what consumers are most likely to buy.

The functioning is quite basic and helpful. For example you might be visiting my blog on sports cars and if my site is Kiosk enabled, you will be shown a hotspot, which indicates a presence of a kiosk. Now when the hotspot is clicked you can make a purchase right from my blog and I am in return rewarded for the purchase. To me it is better than banner ads that populate blogs otherwise, you can have these kiosks placed on anything that might interest your visitors.

This isn’t confined to online shopping. The purchases can be made online or the kiosk closest to your location, the objective is to bring an instant point of purchase for consumers and promote sales and marketing using the same. Here’s my opinion on why this is better than traditional method of marketing. The products are already on the site and they are already talked about there, meaning I as a consumer can learn about the product in detail, review people’s opinion and decide there and then if I need to make a purchase. Guess that’s what social shopping is; easier sales and marketing with a readily implementable solution.

The service will be launched officially in April, according to this very Apple-like promovideo. There’s very little available on the company at the website, so not a lot can be said about the people behind the company.

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