Zokem Strikes Another Partnership, This Time Its Cint

Zokem continues with its expansion and moves into ensuring that it becomes the largest source of mobile market research globally. Recently the company announced its partnership with Cint, a firm focused on providing SaaS based solutions for market research industry. The partnership will help Zokem’s Mobile Life panels expand further into the Western markets by utilizing Cint’s Thumbspeak.

Thumbspeak is a DIY mobile relationship marketing platform and would help populate Zokem’s panel. The idea is to leverage Zokem’s Mobile Media Tracker technology to publish content and activity from the mobile audience engaged in the audience. Again the partnership would bring analytics to a larger audience to global markets, which I guess is the right strategy that Zokem has been following in the last few months specially.

We have talked about its partnership with Wilke earlier this month, thus making the partnership with Cint, second in less than three weeks.

The partnership proves fruitful for Cint alike, the amalgamation of Thumbspeak with Zokem enables Cint to provide its clients with the right analytics tools and research analytics to better their understanding of the mobile markets. It will sound a bit clichéd, but mobile is what we are all migrating to in a short span of time and with mobile devices getting smarter and receiving more attention form users, it is obvious that they will be the center of all market related research.