Blow'em Now Available For iOS Devices

Blow-em upEver thought about getting even with someone, but never had the courage to do so? There’s a little iPhone app now on the market that might help you in this. The game is called Blow’em and it was started as a Garage48 project in Helsinki, Finland in January. It offers users a great way to have fun with its Perverted Candle, Retarded Tomato, Deep Throat or the Angry Egg. The instructions are simple; point, select your weapon and shoot. That’s it, you don’t really need a user guide on this do you?

The application is now available for iOS devices – iPhone, iPad or the iPod touch. It’s on sale for 0,79€ in Europe or $0,99 in the US. Obviously this isn’t the end of it and the Android version will definitely follow, how quick? Perhaps depending on how well it is received at the iTunes.

More information on the game can be found on their website. The people behind the team Vladimir Grigor, Jaak Laineste, Hannu Leinonen, Liis Peetermann, Kalev Külaase, Evija Zauere, Ilze Pētersone and Ramine Darabiha. Below is a small pitch of the game, before it was available in the App Store.

It’s great to see actual projects from events like Garage48 go this far. Perhaps in the future we’ll see more and more projects become serious attempts at becoming a business? Who knows – at least some of the Garage48 Riga projects look very interesting.

You can download Blow’em from the App Store.