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Planify: Plan, Share And Sell Your Travel Trips

PlanifyOrganizing a travel plan or a trip is a definite nightmare. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why we are always seeing one service after another attempt at tackling the problem. Planify is one more that emerged as the winner of the Garage48 Riga. The idea? It emerged from need as the Silver Hage, Co-founder of Planify made plans for his Tokyo trip and couldn’t find any tool useful enough. This led to the creation of Planify.

What’s there to write about, given there are quite a lot of services that can help you with planning a trip? Planify isn’t just your everyday trip planner that lets you take charge of jotting down how to plan and execute your trip. It acts more like a curator. You can plan a trip, figure out what is the best place to spend time at and at the end make a record of any and every place that you might have enjoyed.

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How is this helpful? With Planify you can readily share every instant of your trip. And better still, sell this to Planify. Again the idea is to bring the concept of Social Travelling to the limelight, users can plan trips, make records of each, share with friends or sell it out for others to take advantage of. Planify will be made available as a mobile service as it can then be used on location by travellers.


The service is still in development and you can subscribe for updates on their website. Therefore it’s hard to say when we’ll be seeing an update, if we’ll be seeing one, but this would definitely be an interesting problem to solve given the size of the market.

The team behind Planify at Garage48 Riga was Silver Hage, Arnis Supe, Anton Narusberg, Martin Grüner, Helen Kokk and Daniil Harik.

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