Arctic15 prep in pictures

Arctic15 is coming together. Sunday was spent getting the name badges in place and laying the groundwork and riggings, while today the demo stands, stages, and decorations are popping up everywhere. Here are a few pictures over the past two days, we can't wait to see how it will look when the curtains darken the halls of this old cable factory!

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Key Facts & Figures from Latitude59

Flagship gathering of #Estonianmafia - Latitude59 took place last week. While attendees are busy following up with each other, organizers followed-up with us, sharing the best photos, facts and numbers:

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Nordic Innovators connects your project to Public Funding

Public calls are supposed to be just that - public. But when you’re going for that big deal with your local or European program sometimes it pays to bring in the big guns to make sure you’re correctly getting across the scope of your project. So whether you’re looking at that Horizon 2020 call or are looking at a specific country-base program, Denmark-based Nordic Innovators, who you’ll be able to meet at the Arctic15, can plug you into the right programs and processes.

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Which one of these Top 15 pitching companies will win the Arctic15?

This year is a confusing year - When starting the Arctic15 in 2011 the 15 in Arctic15 clearly referred to our top 15 pitching companies. Now in 2015 casual observers of our event might not see the connection, but our sure attendees will.

If you haven't picked up a ticket yet you better act soon! After a huge boom in sales we were forced to increase our ticket prices to full price, and it looks like we'll sell out soon.

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Trialbee announces €4.3 Million in Funding

Industrifonden and Briban Invest along with another couple of investors invest $ 5 million (€ 4.3 million) inTrialbee8till5 reports. The startup has developed a tool to help pharmaceutical companies to streamline patient recruitment for clinical trials.

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Pay attention: Digital Health Track on the opening day of Arctic15

This post is by Ville Koiste from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

In addition to more than 250 startups, Arctic15 will gather over 150 investors, 55 media representatives including journalists from WSJ, Forbes, TechCrunch and tens of large corporations such as Bayer, 3M, IBM, Elisa, willing to meet innovative startups. It is expected that all together 1200 attendees will participate and that’s neither too much nor too few. This unique setting offers an excellent ratio of different stakeholders looking for synergies between each other.

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The case for Tidal is clear: Spotify is building a monopoly on music curation

Spotify is on a roll after last night's announcement, but reading between the lines it really makes the case for an artist-supported competitor like Tidal.

For those of you catching up on the announcement, The big news is that on top of streaming they'll be bringing in podcasts as a new media type, as well as a new video capsule with a full alphabet of partners like ABC, BBC, ESPN, E!, TED, MTV, as well as more fleshed out names like Comedy Central, RadioLab, and Vice News.

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Open Innovation 2.0 – The Biggest Innovation Trend You’ve Never Heard Of

This is a guest post by John Cozzi for the EU's Open Innovation Conference in Espoo.

Everyone knows about innovation. Crowdsourcing, lean methodologies, rapid prototyping, ethnographic research, UX. All of these are interesting, progressive concepts with real world applications and results. Interestingly enough, modern innovation techniques seem to be different sides of the same coin – in short, they all harness the power of collaborative, human centric cooperation to produce concrete solutions for clearly defined problems. But what if there was a way to tie these diverse practices into a cohesive whole? Is there a grand unified theoretical framework for innovation?

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€40 Billion - One Panel: How Do Investors Get Money?

After seeing hundreds of panel discussions, you might get tired of them. Unless they bring something absolutely new to the table, as the LP Panel at Arctic15 will.

How often do you see 40 billion worth of investors on the stage? How often do you see investors who actually spend their time investing in other investors? That is what EIF, EIB, Skandia, & TeSi do.

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Nextpaq's truly modular smartphone case coming to Arctic15

We tend to think of smartphone cases as pure aesthetic devices - sure you've got your rhinestone case, or your bunny ears, or your classy laser etched wood cases, but you might as well add more functionality than protecting your phone from drops. Paving our way to that future is Nexpaq from Los Angeles, which will be showing off their product at the Arctic15 next week on the 26th and 27th of May, although those of you curious about the product can already preorder one on Kickstarter today.

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Helsinki's Tribe Studios acquired by Palringo

With the second Helsinki-based acquisition announcement for the day, Tribe Studios announces it's been picked up by Palringo, the UK based company calling themselves the world's largest network of mobile gaming communities.

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Hands on review of Lithuanian Hello Hungry liquid meal

Startup folks are always trying to optimize everything - from customer purchase flows to productivity to... food. With this in mind I tried Hello Hungry liquid meal, compared it to other healthy snacks, took notes and photos. This is just personal opinion but I hope it helps some more office people decide if the liquid meal by one of #LTstartups now available on Indiegogo is the right thing for you.

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Booxmedia acquired by Amino

Helsinki's Booxmedia, the cloud-based TV platform, announces today it's been acquired by Amino, a cloud based IPTV platform provider deploys their technology and devices by major network operators.

Put into simple terms, Booxmedia provides TV through the cloud, allowing you to watch TV streamed live over your devices. Rather than going directly to consumers (although Booxmedia does have its own app targeting the Finnish audience) Booxmedia sells their services whitelabeled to operators, such as Finnish operator DNA's "TV everywhere" smartphone and tablet service based on Booxmedia's platform.

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Bold Gadgets launches keychain phone charger on Indiegogo

Some questions define generations. A few years ago it was "what's the wifi password?" but as 4G hits everyone's phone, today it's "does anyone have a charger?" Our smartphones have become part of everything from our commute to dinner routines, and more juice could always come in handy before you can run home to a charger.

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Arctic15's Food Street Goes Finland

We really liked that tweet - other tweets from called us the best conference food they've ever had 2014 and it naturally puts some pressure on us. Year-by-year we want to improve things and make the whole conference experience memorable for our attendees. As we expect everyone to eat and drink while doing business, learning new things and creating new connections, this year we wanted to find a fresh angle to continue on last year’s success on the catering part. Here’s what we came up with...

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Estonian startup scene opens up to Personalized Medicine with Idea Garage

One of the most exciting fields coming up is personalized medicine, which should reshape the way we think about treating sick people instead of leaning towards one-size-fits-all solutions. The Estonian government has thrown a lot of weight behind the concept, and is preparing an ambitious Personalised Medicine Pilot Programme between 2015-2018, and aims to put Estonia into the forefront of developing Personalised Medicine Applications.

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Sidetrack Episode 3: Going in circles with Elias Pietilä

After a busy week or two Sidetrack is back, this time with Wolt Cofounder Elias Pietilä.

Elias was one of the first people we thought of when coming up with this podcast concept. We were eating cake two years ago celebrating the Qvik birthday party, the mobile development firm he cofounded, when he was telling me how he was going to shut himself inside for the whole winter holiday to knock out a top secret side project.

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Narrative announces Clip 2 preorder

Narrative, everyone's favorite "lifelogging" camera, is opening up preorders for Clip 2 today, bringing the updated version of their device to the masses soon after that.

If you've missed our previous coverage of Narrative (previously called Memoto before Motorola got litigious) the device is a little clip on camera designed to be worn all day every day. The device picks up two photos a minute automatically, but a quick doubletap on the device also allows you to take a picture to save a moment. The idea behind the device and paired cloud photo viewer is that you'll then have a photostream of your life, being able to pick up those chance encounters with friends (or 8 hours of sitting at your desk in my case).

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Founder of Takes over Country Dreams

In 2003, Jarno Vanhatapio founded, Scandinavia’s biggest fashion retailer online, and ran it during ten years. Now, Vanhatapio is focusing on his new global fashion business and therefore buys the Malmö-based online store Country-Dreams.

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Right here: The action-packed Arctic15 Schedule

You know why you need to be at the Arctic15, but looking for the who's what's when's and where's? Here's the schedule, ripped from the Arctic15 website where you'll find more info on the speakers and tracks at the event.

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