Zokem Releases User Experience Tracker: Know Your Device And Network Performance

Zokem continues to make concrete its position as the leading mobile app and internet usage analytics firm to help improve research related to the same category. Zokem has been tracking audiences, publishing reports on current trends giving both content publishers and advertisers in depth insights on mobile users. The mobile analytics firm recently published a new set of research reports named the Zokem User Experience Tracker that is focused at the quality of device and the network.

The purpose of the report is to highlight network quality, the leading network in a region and how is the quality affected as per the rise in traffic. The end result is giving device manufacturers and network providers more data on their products and services and thus help them take better decisions in terms of investments. The report in point here is on the Finnish mobile networks , which illustrate the average signal strengths experienced by smartphone users on various networks. The report divides the networks into the GSM (2G)and the 3G(WCDMA).



The charts are self explanatory but to put it in records the Saunalahti and the Elisa top the WCDMA benchmarks while Sonera is right at the bottom with a –90dBm. As for the GSM Elisa, Saunalahti and Sonera are more or less equal in signal strength while DNA comes last. From the study it is obvious that Saunalahti and Elisa remain the top mobile networks.

The study in my opinion is more believable and the data represented can be readily used to help with making the right network choice (keeping it simple for now). The main reason being it is not test driven and is based on patterns resulting from usage of real subscribers.

This also is an interesting study from the view point of the company itself. With its ability to tap into the data thousands subscribers collect, the company is able to build a lot of valuable information for other needing that insight.