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Tradeshift Opens Up Its Arms, Brings Its Apps To Developers

TradeshiftTradeshift, the Danish firm that has been in reports quite often here at ArcticStartup is making itself more useful with the announcement of bringing their applications to developers. To put it out more clearly, this would enable developers to build applications within the Tradeshift ecosystem.

For those who aren’t aware as yet, Tradeshift emerged as a startup offering free purchasing and invoicing services to small companies. This improves the dealing within companies and amongst each other. The firm had raised 200,000 euros in its first round from venture capitalists and has continued with its growth ever since.

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The idea to bring the platform out to developers is to enable them to utilize its flexible possibilities to create applications that best suite their needs. With this comes a long list of features that ensure developers are able to fully maximize its platform to build better applications. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Place apps anywhere within the Tradeshift interface.
  • Better security, iframe sources are OAuth signed, thus ensuring the servers can identify each user with their Tradeshift identity.
  • Apps can communicate with each other as well as Tradeshift.
  • Better mash-ups as inline apps can readily do Ajax requests with Tradeshift API. This leverages the ability to access user data, which includes documents, business communications and network connections.

That’s a quick update on the latest development, but surely there are immense possibilities in all this. We’ll just have to wait a little and see. If you are interested in learning more this you can visit the Tradeshift for developers or try out the sample apps.

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