Stardoll 5 Years Old And 100 Million Strong

    Stardoll We had mentioned Stardoll a couple of weeks ago regarding them counting days till they hit the 100 million member milestone. Another milestone that they hit over time was their 5th birthday. Yesterday Stardoll announced that they had been operational 5 years. It is worth noting that in 5 years, they have reached a 100 million members, something not many others are able to do.

    For those unaware about Stardoll, it is a Sweden based firm whose claim to fame is that it is the largest online community for girls who love fashion. The idea surfaced originally with the name of Paperdoll heaven, by Finnish Liisa Wrang who was passionate about paper dolls. Her home page, originally on Geocities, attracted quite a lot of attention and in 2006 the site relaunched with venture backing from Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Paperdoll Heaven still lives on as Stardoll’s slogan.

    Stardoll is profitable as it generates revenue via virtual currency that members can use to purchase numerous items on the site. As per our last report Stardoll had generated over 10 Million Euros in 2009.