DeathRally Now Available For iPhone and iPad

We’ve talked about the legendary Death Rally set to invade the iOS devices back in January. As per our last reports the game was set to release in March and as promised it is now available for download. It runs on your iPhone and the iPad. You can download the game here, just in case you aren’t keen at reading any further.

The game, well, it isn’t one that needs your brain to operate at a maximum level, but is absolutely addictive. Guess that’s what keeps people glued for hours and racing games are usually this way. Death Rally has one rule – there are no rules. You have to race to win, earn cash, load your car with weapons and wreck the gaming screen. Such games keep me hooked and I bet many others will end up being addicted to this game by Remedy Games.

Death Rally is priced at 3.99 euros or $4.99. It might seem a bit pricey compared to other games, but come on – this one’s a legend!