Your Personal CoFounder: At Arctic15

“At a time when media has become click-based advertising platform we decided to create something deeply personal and completely unsharable.”

We said this when we launched CoFounder Magazine last year on Indiegogo. Thinking about it, it is a really strong sentence – it sounds good and I still keep on using the line to introduce us. To underline the PERSONAL approach we offer you a chance to get your own personal magazine – so personal that you are on the cover of it.

On June 2, the first day of Arctic15, we have a photographer at CoFounder booth and you can order annual subscription – starting from the new Summer 2016 issue – where you are on the cover.

You do not have to wait for the magazine for weeks — on June 3, on the second day Arctic15, you can pick up your personal issue from our booth. The next issues we will send to your postal address.

It’s not totally unsharable though — you can borrow it to your friend or just take a picture of your own mag and show off to the whole world on social media.