Looking For Funding? Want Media Exposure? Need More Sales? 29 Answers.

Knowledge is power. Do you remember that one time when a TED talk or an inspirational speaker really changed the way you think about the world? Well, we want to bring you that experience and also an opportunity to talk to the very people that will share this knowledge. The 29 workshops at Arctic15 will cover very important areas for anyone: legal matters, sales, investments, PR, growth, expanding to new markets – you name it.

The list is extensive and you can see them all here and if you already have the tickets to Arctic15 – register here. All the workshops are included in the ticket price.

Day 1

Scoring Media coverage – How and Why?
Arttu Sipilä

Media coverage is a vital thing for every startup for various reasons. This workshop will provide you media relations best practices which will help you to gain more attraction in the media. Register.

Increased ROI with Advanced Facebook Lookalikes and a Data Warehouse
Matthaus Krzykowski

Super hands-on workshop on how to use big-data for Facebook in the same way as huge corporations do, even though you are a small company. Bring your laptop, as you will actually get going right during the workshop. Register.

How to create a successful IPR-strategy
Iiris Adenius

Company’s intellectual property often plays an important role for the company’s value creation. What are most important aspects and how to avoid the common pitfalls? Register.

Efficient Communication For Global Growth
Andrej Cukon

Ever used social invites? Do you know the most cost-effective app referral solution for your growth? What about user-account security? This and more will be discussed in this communication workshop. Register.

7 things for start-ups to remember when dealing with U.S. travel and visas matters
Ceridwen J. Koski

Going to the US? This workshop will make sure you actually get there. Register. 

International VC rounds as an Avenue to Global Scale-up
Finnish Industry Investment
Heli Ahlroos, Hannu Verkasalo and Alban Wyniecki

Get an entrepreneurial and investor view into the world of international VC rounds in Finland and Nordics. Are they a stairway to heaven? Register.

Social Selling – A Modern & Effective Way to do Sales or Social Selling
Sani Leino

Sales has changed with the advance of the digital era. This workshop will tell you everything there is to know about Social Selling and will basically get you generating revenues in no time. Register.

Exit Strategy Workshop: Can you afford not to be prepared?
Bryan, Garnier & Co
Falk Muller-Veerse

Exits. You think about them way too late. We promise. What is the best time to do it? How? When? Valuation? Learn all the M&A secrets in this workshop and get ready. Register.

Buying Revolution: How To Organize Multi-Channel sales
OY Imperial Sales AB/Johtajatiimi
Mika D. Rubanovitsch

One of the top sales people in Finland will tell you how to keep up with the changing purchasing processes to maximize your sales potential using all possible channels. Use technology to sell. Profit. Register.

Know Your Term Sheet
Kimmo Reina

Learn the nuts and bolts of VC round term sheets with an experienced legal counsel who has over a decade of experience in assisting start-ups and VC investors on term sheet negotiations. Bring your Term Sheets to the workshop. Register.

3 Steps to Building a Growth Culture
D11 Helsinki
Tomi Hilvo

Corporate culture is one of the key factors for any company, especially start-ups. Leave it up to chance or manage it. This workshop will make sure that you do it right. Register.

Day 2

Managing your Financing Options
Markus Myhrberg

Find out how different financing options have been utilised effectively by Mikko Petäjä/Yoogaia and Arto Käyhkö/Pollen VC. Register.

Social Impact – It Ain’t Tree Hugging Anymore
Heidi Humala

Are you interested in tapping into a USD 77 billion Impact Investing market? Can your startup solve a pressing social problem? Find your competitive advantage by injecting social into your business. One-to-one mentoring will be available. Register.

Passion branding on the road to international growth – Focus in the UK market expansion
UK Trade & Investment
Norman Day, Attorney and Founder of TailFinn

What is Passion Branding and how you can use it in your business while expanding to international markets. Register.

How NASA used crowdsourcing to help design a robot on the ISS
Adam Byrnes

Learn how NASA uses crowdsourcing and how you could use the same techniques to power your startup in the most efficient way. Register.

Social Media 101 – Analysis and Growth
Romain Baret

Social media is an inescapable part of your strategy. Learn everything there is about social media channels, growing your audience and which tools can maximize your efforts. Secrets included. Register.

My Favorite Mistakes: Lessons We’ve Learned from Start-up Failures
Dale Huxford

If you want to hear the most fascinating stories from the startup world – just come to this workshop. No spoilers. Register.

Executing For Growth
Rosebud Ventures
Maria Horelli-Rosenlew, Liisa Paavilainen

Got your product-market fit? That was the easy part. Scaling can take you by surprise, but not after this workshop. Be there. Register.

When Is The Best Moment to Expand
Made in Mobile
Sixto Arias

How to expand and do so while tripling your revenues each time. Register.

Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch
Florence Korhonen

You make a decision about people, companies, investments in seconds. Make sure you leave a positive one by mastering the elevator pitch workshop with two seasoned entrepreneurs and angel investors as well as experts in Pitch Coaching. Register.

Sales 101 – the basics of organizing B2B sales in a startup
Sven Rösch

The one thing that will guarantee that you will make money is sales. Come to this workshop by Sven and you will walk out with the exact formula on doing it most efficiently. Register.

Getting Through To Media
Tarmo Virki

How to get media attention- what, when, where, how and why. Register.

That’s plenty of knowledge if you ask us. Can’t wait to hear your feedback. You can register to all of the workshops here after you have gotten your Arctic15 tickets.