Entocube: Insects as a food

The 15 in Arctic15 stands for 15 finalists of the pitching competition. We introduce them all. This is story No 12.

Entocube is last year’s finalist of the Arctic15 pitching competition. They came in trying to save the world from hunger and landed in the top 3 of the whole competition. This year, they are ready to battle it out once again with a new solution for scalability.

The idea is simple: insects are one of the best sources of protein available to humans and are an efficient one at that. Harvesting them quickly and efficiently in containers creates a lot of potential for an alternative protein source, especially once it is in powder form.

The company has already served more than 10,000 consumers and is targeting insect farmers, urban farming communities, animal husbandry farms and more. To increase scalability, they provide several products: EntoCube Containers, EntoCube Crickets and EntoCube industrial farming solutions.

Compared to the competition, the whole solution is fitted in a single container, is easy to set up and does not require heavy investments to get going. Since most of it is automated, it also minimises labour costs. The company is aiming to achieve 25% of the European food insects market and insect-based protein by 2020. They are currently looking for seed-funding, so if you are into saving the planet from starvation just give them a call.