Web Of Trust Releases WOT Plugin For WordPress For Safer Blogging

    WOT Web of TrustWe at Arctic Startup have talked about WOT or Web of Trust extensively and honestly love how it helps the online community. The safe surfing software keeps users protected from malicious links, spam, spyware, etc by warning them of such sites. The working is based around the idea of getting information from other trusted sources as well as from the online community.

    Tuesday WOT made a major announcement of bringing its circle of trust to the blogs with its WordPress plugin. The plugin is to serve the same purpose for which the Web of Trust was designed; i.e WOT for Blogs adds WOT reputation symbols to posts and comments on your blog. These reputation symbols helps protect both the publishers and readers safe from any link that might threaten your online security. The plugin has been released for blogs based on the WordPress platform only.

    To install the plugin users can simply search for WOT for Blogs on their WordPress Control Panel or simply visit this link. It is here you can find the instructions on how to install the WOT Plugin on your WordPress blog. This is beta release therefore a few bugs can be expected, however your feedback might be of great use to improve the WOT Plugin.

    A couple of screenshots of the plugin:

    WOT screenshot-1

    WOT screenshot