Danish Online Storage And File Sharing Startup, Ge.tt Getting Stronger

    Ge.ttThe best thing about reviewing a startup is following up on what it has achieved since the first time you reviewed it. The idea to share progress, how it has improved and what direction is it heading on to, stands as an essential proof to why you actually reviewed it. Today we catch up on Ge.tt, the Danish startup we reviewed back in December 2010.

    The interesting bit about the Ge.tt was how it came into being. Starting off as an idea to implement within a chat client, the feature turned into a full fledged file sharing service that caught attention of many prominent blogs. While that is past, we noticed a slight change in the layout of the service and some data on how it has fared since its launch. The redesign simplifies the process of sharing files easy:

    • Select files
    • Share
    • And move on

    Users can keep track of the shared files on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even on blogs keeping this real time so you know what exactly is happening at any instant. I have embedded a short presentation to explain how this works towards the end and would like to mention its recent growth. The real time stats on the homepage reveal that more than 143,550 files have been shared for times with over 3,224,700 downloads so far.

    Ge.tt screenshot

    The numbers again speak of its growing popularity and sync with its success on initial launch. The site went from a mere 300 users to a whopping 10,000 signups in just a week of its launch and as of December the total files shared numbered 40,000. The comparison is right there to draw, the files shared has more than tripped in a little over  month fitting our predictions. It will be interesting to see how this grows further. Any predictions from our readers?