Spotify Scores Another Deal, This Time With Shazam

Spotify ShazamIt appears I have booked myself to news on Spotify. But let the truth be known that there is nothing of the sort and like any decent writer, I am just sharing what makes news. The latest from Spotify is its deal with Shazam.

There has been a lot of reporting on Spotify recently. Back last week the music streaming service signed a deal with Logitech, ensuring to bring music to every room in your house. The most recent deal with Shazam falls quite in line with the ongoing development within the music streaming service.

With this deal in place users of both Spotify and Shazam will be able playback full tracks via a complete integration of the two services. This would include both the the Free and Premium Shazam Encore Apps on devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad to the numerous Android based devices, it also includes SHAZAM Red. The deal would prove beneficial for Shazam as it makes further penetration into the Spotify dominated European market as the CEO of Andrew Fisher of Shazam put this partnership as bringing the best music discovery application to the best music streaming service.

The Play in Spotify feature will now give users of Shazam an unrestricted access to music streaming. The free app from Shazam will soon get the feature as well.

Shazam was launched in 2002 as the music identification service using their mobile phones. The service has over 50 million users across 150 countries.