Wantlet: Shop More Socially With Twitter Of Wants

    WantletShopping in general is a nightmare for me, especially when it comes to buying products I am really not keen at purchasing. I guess it is here we need recommendations from those who we think are experts or at least have some experience in a particular genre. Bring that online and the idea of social shopping is transformed totally. Readily connecting with the countless shopaholics online and helping you make the best choice. This is where Wantlet comes in to answer your shopping wants.

    Wantlet is based on a simple fact that most shoppers need to have opinions when it comes to buying a product. Share what you are looking to buy at Wantlet and friends on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter to get valuable feedback on the products or the latest deals in town. Let me give you an example how it works:

    Your friend recommends that you should see a specific movie or but a pair of jeans – you’ll know exactly what she means and how trustworthy her advice is. Seeing the familiar face makes the difference, you know the recommendations comes after a certain experience and not from a blunt PR agent who wants to ensure that the product is sold.


    Having your closest friends as part of the shopping process adds a lot of value – filling in a social vertical that is yet to be properly created in post-Facebook Connect era of the web. I had a chance to ask Kristian, the Wantlet spokesperson on why we need services such as Wantlet and he summed it up quite well, stating:

    The new social we’re experiencing through Facebook will change many of the vertical experiences existing in the web. Mark Zuckerberg has a point when he says that seeing familiar faces and names when browsing content online triggers something funny in our brains – it literally creates a hard-wired, more personal and intuitive response

    Of course Wantlet is a not a unique service altogether and it has quite a lot of competitors. These include the likes of ShopSocial.ly, Kaboodle and ProductWiki to name a few. With all these challenges already in the market Wantlet aims at standing out by keeping its focus on creating Wantlet to be a simple utility. Honestly, I am not sure what exactly simple means or how this would help Wantlet grow, but I strongly believe in the Internet being a very huge dimension and with plenty of room for variety. At the end of the day it’s the quality of a service that matter, with Wantlet that will remain to be seen.