DataMarket Expands Horizons: Adds 100 Million Time Series, 600 Million Facts

DataMarket_logoAfter launching last year, DataMarket stepped into the web space as an important place to help one find essential figures and structured data from public and private services achieved another milestone today. DataMarket shared news on inclusion of more data and facts in a bid to become the Wikipedia of World Facts.
What started off from simply including facts and figures from Iceland is now expanding globally with the launch of the International Data. This gives users an easy way to search, download and visualize facts and structure data from the most trustworthy sources in the world. This adds:

  • 13,000 data sets
  • 100 million time series (7 million last year)
  • And 600 million facts

We had suggested this last year that in order to leverage the purpose DataMarket has ben created for it would have to widen it horizons beyond Iceland. Primarily for the fact that restricting yourself to being location centric, you are lessening the chances of making a more global impact. The second reason is the category DataMarket has stepped in has a huge global demand. People are sick of having to do a Google search to find information scattered across pages of the search engines and we searchers aren’t even sure whether this data is reliable enough or not. With DataMarket doing the hard work of pulling the facts and data from reliable sources, the job is eased to a large extent for anyone on the lookout for useful information.

Here’s an example of the Time Series from DataMarket that visualizes data on Internet Use and Activities in Estonia and the European Union from July 2004 to 2010:


I guess with the addition of more data and resources, DataMarket is definitely going to answer the question of Where to find the right data online? I mean what could be easier than searching for Global un- employment rate in one search box and having all this being visualized in a neat time series?

You can visit the DataMarket blog to learn more about the recent additions.