Startawebbhotell: Why Pay When You Can Start Your Own Hosting Service?

    startawebbhotellThere is quite an issue when it comes to web designers and developers looking for a web hosting service. The issues come in numbers, from the additional cost of finding a quality hosting service, limitations of each add more problems to implementing an idea on the Web. To sum it up, it is the scalability that is the problem. Well, some smart folks in Sweden have given it a thought to bring us Startawebbhotell, a web based tool that enables web designers and development firms to run their own hosting service.

    A few bits on Startawebbhotell on what is useful about the tool:

    • The service is free to try with complete administration panel, payment and invoicing solution. Meaning you can take it for a test run before actually integrating it in your business.
    • Taking care of server technicalities and operation is no more your task to worry about, Startawebbhotell experts take care of this.
    • The service provides a 99% plus uptime with up to the minute health of the Amazon Web Services, at any instant on the site.
    • Optimized to run on all standard browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and the Internet Explorer 8.0+. Thus ensuring that the service is compatible with all existing web browsers.


    Those pointers already make it a readily integrate with your existing firm. There are no costs for setting it up, monthly charges or those for cancellation of the hosting service. However the plans sold at Startawebbhotell come at a fixed price that is allocated per resource allocations. This is quite the a standard for any hosting service given their prices differ on the basis of disk space, bandwidth and database utilization.

    However there are a few limitations at utilizing the service. The primary requirement is that you need to have a Swedish Bank account in order to take advantage of the service and is therefore available for Swedish companies eligible for company tax.

    Startawebbhotell is the brainchild of Omnicloud. Omnicloud is a Sweden based company that was founded by Per Jonsson, Daniel Marklund and Hannes Landeholm.