Inseeto: Explore Real Estate Within Your Browser

    Inseeto_logoThere is quite a stir in the startup scene in Denmark with quite a lot of news coming in on newer services making entry into the web scene. The newest entry is Inseeto, a startup that amalgamates real state with Google Maps to help you browse what your next home or neighborhood be like. What makes it valuable? 3D visualizations of real state, which gives you more insight on the location you plan to move over to.

    Inseeto takes a move away from traditional real state services on the Web that resort to listing properties in a location, which I think is a flip side primarily because most of them just provide contact details, pricing and a few images of the property. Give it a thought for an instant, you have got Google Maps to help visualize any location up close, so why not put it to a better use? We have numerous services that already utilize this, so its not a totally new concept that Inseeto brings in.

    With Inseeto users real state agents can list their properties and at the same time provide buyers with a 3D model of the properties, putting to practice the idea of taking you right there from the comfort of your drawing room. The visualizations are of course not really great but then the phenomena of augmented reality is just catching flare and in time improve so much as to add more reality to this virtual experience.

    With the world heading further from traditional marketing and towards internet marketing any business that wishes to stay on top of the game will have to adopt to these latest methods. Inseeto is one example making the right move.

    The team behind Inseeto:

    • Jon Friis, CEO: Has worked as a special adviser within the geographic information systems with special focus on internet distribution of spatial objects.
    • Jarl Friis, CTO: Brings with him over a decade’s experience in IT and with services to numerous major firms in Denmark.
    • Pia Lyngdrup Nedergaard, Sales Manager: Adds his 15 year plus experience in real state sales and is a chartered estate agent.