Norway's Vio Starts Roll Out Of Its 'Netflix for Magazines'

    Vio’s soft launch in Norway covers 40 local magazines and our own CoFounder Magazine.

    Norway’s Vio launched earlier this month to the general public its digital platform that gives readers unlimited access to content from their favorite magazines.

    The print industry has suffered for years and Vio’s promise is to help publishers with their move to the digital space – with digital distribution, providing them with an additional revenue source and helping them acquire new readers.

    The team of 20-somethings have been working on the startup for two years and earlier this month the service went from closed beta and into open soft launch, having now first 750 readers on the platform.

    Vio has just closed its first investment round of 2.8 million Norwegian crowns from Kjeller Innovasjon and a few private investors through the Angel Challenge Network, and aims to use the raised funding to hire 4-5 extra staff.

    For CoFounder Magazine joining Vio’s platform was a natural step as at ArcticStartup search for new is always at our heart.

    We are looking for new businesses to write about, but at the same time we are always honoured when we can be the first testers or clients and content providers, like in the case of Vio.