Startup For Validating Your Ideas

    How to validate your idea? Most people would say – find people ready to pay for it. Or they could suggest trying this new service from Russia.

    Test4startup promises its service lets you to see if your idea is promising enough before you develop a working prototype.

    “Using artificial intelligence technologies test4startup collects such data as trends, market size, existing competition and investor activity in this segment. After a detailed analysis of all components you receive a report with recommendations on how to improve your project and also with an overall assessment of the idea itself,” the company said in a statement.

    The pricing is not too worrying for anyone wanting to save time.

    Test4startup says it has created an algorithm to assess whether the idea is promising “in collaboration with a Math department professor from a state technological university, whose experience in artificial intelligence development has served as the basis for the algorithm.”

    We of course signed in and submitted our idea on which we have been working for awhile – to launch a paper magazine for the European startup scene. That should be something for any algorithm to have a take on.

    “The last thing you need is another media company gunning for your Facebook feed or throwing social share buttons in your face before and after every article. Writing for the web means selling you, the user, as a product while we’d rather sell an amazing product to you. Don’t share our articles, let your friends and colleagues borrow the magazine,” I grabbed from our crowdfunding campaign in early 2015.

    The algorithm then takes my pitch and:

    A) creates the core of your idea and builds up a pool of key words to define the market and to find the vector for further development.

    B) defines trends with the help of news signals and other indicators which help to capture the general picture of the market and find possible competitors.

    C) it compare the information about our project with the data which it has received at the second step and makes a list of recommendations.

    The reality.


    As said, we would love to have a service like that. For $10 testing the idea – we could save days of work every month.