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The Fast And Furious Robot

The Latvian team behind SumoBoy consists of robotics enthusiasts, who have been engaged in robot battles for more than 10 years.

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SumoBoy team has won major competitions all over the world and their new product serves as a next step in their dedication to make robot sumo competitions more popular – and the robots more available and affordable.

A sumo robot battle takes place in a circular arena where the objective is to push the opponent out of the ring. The robots navigate and find their enemies autonomously using equipped sensors. Photo: SumoBoy

For those who are not that familiar with robot battles – yes there are different varieties of this exclusive sport. Behold now for the robots who enter the sumo arena!

The SumoBoy is a robotic kit launching a campaign on Kickstarter today. The robot itself is designed by a team of Latvian engineers with extensive experience from robot battle competitions around the world. SumoBoy is meant for experienced robot enthusiasts as well as beginners who wish to learn how to do programming and see their code come to life, or crush their enemies by a mechanical beast in controlled environments.

The team has made a special set, which helps to learn the basics of C and C++ languages of electronics and programming, which are widely used in many real life applications, ranging from video games to consumer electronics.

The package includes all you need to geek up your game.

The sumo warrior uses an Arduino micro controller as its brain and adapt strategies to situations on the battlefield.

The whole set consists of the robot, mounting plates, engines, sensors, light diodes and other electronic parts that are necessary for the learning process. Therefore the set can be as well used in schools and electronics clubs.

To get ready with the programming, connect the board to a PC or laptop via USB cable and you are ready to go. Photo: SumoBoy

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