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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Vailoma changes name to TripSay, introduces embeddable application for partner sites

The travel information organizer Vailoma has changed their name to TripSay. Also the website has been polished up. TripSay’s service aims to ease up the process required to plan new trips and vacations, by providing easy access to relevant and complete destination content, which is both updated by users and aggregated from around the web.

The company has also created a new embeddable application called the Destination Module, which is designed to share TripSay’s content with travel agencies and other partners enabling them to get dynamic destination content from the web and travelers onto their site without any effort. The application can be checked out on Kaleva Travel’s web site (the site’s in Finnish, but scroll down a bit and you’ll see the app), which has the first implementation of the application. TripSay has also plans to open up an API to allow tailored services, though no indication of the release schedule is given yet.

TripSay plans to monetize their service by targeted advertisements, along with commissions from bookings done via its site. Hopefully the new name is more descriptive to international users and helps to spread the word.

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