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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Snoobi expands its online BI offering to Estonia

Snoobi Oy, online business intelligence company founded in 2004, has announced a partnership agreement with a new Estonian company High Times Factory. The agreement covers distribution of Snoobi’s web analytics products in Estonia along with providing customer support, and there are already Estonian customers using the service. According to Snoobi the expansion to Estonia will be a proof of the scalability of their service, and it is only the very beginning in the company’s internationalization.

Snoobi’s products allow companies to analyze their website visitors and website traffic to improve online sales and marketing, especially in B2B context (as opposed to Google Analytics). With the solution clients can better decide on the most effective online marketing mix and design more targeted and goal-oriented websites. Recently Snoobi’s solution was selected by The S Group in Finland who runs over €10 billion business and 80+ digital services.

Snoobi has fared well against the competition with active B2B marketing, especially to SMEs, and by targeting their offering to marketing executives, along with providing valued customer support. It drives home the point that knowing how to differentiate and position your offering, demonstrating value, and continuously building on customer relationships will make it possible to compete successfully even with big players.

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