Finnish Stock Market App Expands To Scandinavia

Stonder, Finnish online service combining virtual investment game with measuring market sentiment, expanded on Tuesday to cover Scandinavian markets.

“Expanding the amount of companies and geographies gives investors completely new opportunity to follow interesting firms easily outside their home market,” Stonder Chief Executive Martti Larjo said in a statement.

In the service investors give their views on companies: buying or selling virtual shares and creating their portfolio. And like in real life, performance of your portfolio competes against others.

While this could draw usage of the service, for real investors it is extremely interesting to follow the sentiment changes of any traded stock. For example among top Helsinki companies 55.7 percent of virtual investors expect tyre maker Nokian Renkaat shares to fall further after the award-winning firm admitted last month it has been tinkering with tests for years.

The service launched in Finland in November and so far 40,000 people have logged their views on publicly traded companies.