Next From Boomlagoon: Real-Time Multiplayer Battle Game

Finnish gaming firm Boomlagoon, the creator of Monsu and Spirit Hunter, will unveil later on Tuesday its plans to launch this year its biggest game so far, Super Soldiers, a real‐time multiplayer battle arena game.

In the game two players battle each other using a team of three soldiers. There are 40 collectible soldiers with their own special weapons and are capable of building turrets, mortars and critter towers in the battle field.

The success depends on the team formation, weapon and building tactics and strategy.

Antti Sten, co-founder of Boomlagoon, said the game will represent a player‐first development, approaching the community openly with a regular blog and forum interactions from developers, alongside the ability for players to vote on game changing mechanics through the new community hub.

“We’ve been known as a developer and publisher that doesn’t shy away from taking high risks when it comes to our games. Super Soldiers is the culmination of everything we’ve done until now and it will reshape competitive gaming on mobile,” Sten said. “We want to be much more open, reveal stuff earlier on and keep our fans engaged, are the reasons why we want to get the word out now.”

Boomlagoon founders were among the first leaving successful (at a time) Rovio in 2012 to build their own success story, hence it got more media attention at launch comparing to many of its followers. Without anything but their CVs to show, the new company got nice publicity on CNN and VentureBeat well before its first game Noble Nutlings was launched.

Jari Ovaskainen, the first investor in Supercell, and London Venture Partners saw the early potential in the team, and put in the first seed money in November 2012.

Noble Nutlings, where three friendly “nutlings” are racing through uphills and downhills and their vehicle falls apart if the speed is too fast, gained 2 million downloads over 2013 – but the success was limited and the team decided to stop developing it further and removed it from App store in December 2013.

In May 2014, Boomlagoon raised $3.6 million A round from Northzone, London Venture Partners, Inventure and 360 Capital Partners.

May 2014 was also the time to unleash Monsu to the market. Monsu is an endless running game, where a green monster – called Monsu – chases thieves who have stolen his diamonds. Monsu has become the most downloaded game in 10 countries and topped adventure games download list in 89 countries, according to research firm App Annie.