Supercell Boasts With 100 mln Daily Players, Record Year

Finnish gaming firm Supercell has reached 100 million daily active users – as many as Twitter has – with just four games on the market.

The Helsinki-based gaming studio is known for its Clash of Clans and Hay Day games, which have been topping charts for several years already. This month it is rolling out globally its Clash Royale game.

“100 million! It blows my mind to think of that many people playing our games all around the world, every single day. I want to thank every single one of them: from Albania to Zimbabwe and everywhere else in between. Wish we had someone from Tuvalu! :-)” co-founder Ilkka Paananen said in a statement.

The number is comparable only with social networks and messaging applications. There is still room to grow to Facebook’s 1.04 billion daily users, but being on par with Twitter is surely a milestone for Supercell.

Supercell’s 2015 sales jumped to 2.1 billion euros, while its profit before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) rose sharply to 838 million.

“The real highlight for us is how we’ve been able to get here while staying true to our founding vision that was all about people. We believed that if we bring together the best people, create the best possible environment for them, then with enough time and some luck, some great games will follow. Games that millions of people around the world will want to play for years and years,” Paananen said in a statement.

Editors note: On March 9 added 2015 financial results, comparative data for 100 million.