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Startup community creates a movement in Sweden

Swedish Startup Manifesto has gathered together nearly 700 supporters and 80 companies to raise awareness about the challenges of entrepreneurs in Sweden.

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The founders of fast-growing companies, such as Truecaller, Tictail, iZettle and Fyndiq, have created together the Swedish Startup Manifesto to raise awareness of startup entrepreneurship and the challenges of new small businesses in Sweden.

Startup entrepreneurs from different industries with companies in various phases of development have joined the movement to show the Swedish government that there’s things that need to be changed in order to keep these startups in their home country and continue bringing wealth as well as creating jobs in the region.

The key topics of Startup Manifesto refer on changing Sweden’s financial politics which is focused on big and mature companies even though at the moment 99% of all Swedish companies are categorized as small businesses – where also 80% of jobs are created.

“We want to intensify the dialogue with the Swedish government regarding the business environment and increase knowledge about startups among politicians in all parties, to create a deeper understanding and thus enable change. Without successful businesses Sweden will not prosper – it is unfortunately as simple as that,” says Startup Manifesto supporter Jessica Stark, the CEO and Co-founder of startup community SUP46.

The five main points of the manifesto include enabling compensation in the form of stock options, facilitating fund raising for startups in the early phases, stopping the penalty tax, simplifying work-based immigration and creating a functional rental market.

You may check the more detailed descriptions of the topics on the Swedish Startup Manifesto site where you can also join the movement.

As Swedish startup entrepreneurs and supporters have taken the initial to raise awareness of the meaning of startups for the country and its future – Would there be a need for this type of manifesto in your home country?

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