And the fans are going nuts over #AngryBirds2 in social media

As Rovio announced that the new Angry Birds 2 has reached the limit 10 million downloads only few days after the launch on July 30th, there has been a huge buzz especially about the freemium monetization model of the game in social media.

Here’s five fun facts we picked up about Angry Birds 2 on Twitter:

1) 1 Million downloads within 12 hours, 5 Million downloads within 36 hours – And 10 million downloads on the fourth day after launch

2) You can play Angry Birds 2 offline

3) As the discussion was getting hot on Twitter – Angry Birds even created a logo fitting their style

4) It’s never only just about playing the game

5) Celebrating 10 million downloads Angry Birds 2 style

If you haven’t checked the launch trailer for Angry Birds 2, here it is:

(And the pigs on the trailer have got some positive feedback too as we saw few comparisons to acting performances ‘in the level of Babe the Pig’ on Twitter)