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Help Us Take ArcticStartup To The Next Level: Looking for Interns

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For ArcticStartup, the community in the Nordics & Baltics has always been the reason of why we are doing this. Thanks to you, we have been able to grow, expand to several countries, start running events and conferences, and to cover the news in the region.

You have been around when the times were good and when the times were tough – And we would like to thank you for your support and reading our blog.

Times are a changing here at ArcticStartup, we want to do even more and for that, we once again want to involve the community. The way how you can help in short: we need someone who can help us bring our vision to life.

Looking for an Intern Superstar

We have have an internship open that mainly has to do with writing. Our previous interns got hired by the hottest startups in the region (Kiosked & Dealdash), got accepted into prestigious universities, and we hired one ourselves.

The person in question can either be a seasoned writer or is waiting to write their very first article, but is confident that they won’t leave their pen alone.

To apply, check out the full description of the position at our Jobs Board and create a profile on Tyba. If you have any additional questions about the position, please send your questions straight to our reporter Maija (maija@arcticstartup.com).

If you have other ideas about ArcticStartup and would like to throw some ideas our way – we’re always more than happy to meet for a coffee, so do drop us an e-mail at editor@arcticstartup.com. Of course it also helps if you subscribe to our newsletter through our website and follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

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